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It Takes All Sorts

We have been really jazzed about the response to our tea towel designs. I am always amazed at the colour combinations that Ellinor and Aisha come up with. They are definitely not colours my generation would even think of putting together, but boy do they work!

It has inspired us to create a tea towel that celebrates gay pride. Credit goes to Aisha for coming up with the idea and design. After much mulling over, the design and colours were picked. My sister came up with the name, which we felt perfectly described how we see the world…we are all sorts, just like the licorice candy (which are both of our favourites, especially the ones covered with the little sugar beads).

The colours have a definite op-art vibe. We are in the process of dressing the loom to get ready for weaving these stunning tea towels. But don’t be fooled! They are for your dishes, (although you may be inspired to hang them on your wall).